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How to purchase: PC

① On the product page, make sure the size and color are selected and then click "Add to Cart".
②Once you have added all the items you want to order to your cart, click on the shopping bag icon in the top right.

3) If you have any inquiries regarding your order or delivery, please enter them in the "Add a note to your order" field.
④Click on "Proceed to checkout".

⑤If you have a preferred delivery date and time, click and enter it. You cannot select the day of your order or the next day.
⑥Click on “Proceed to purchase”.

⑦Please enter your email address.
⑧If you would like to receive email newsletters containing useful information such as coupons, please check this box.
⑨Please enter your name, address, and other necessary information.
10.Please choose your payment method.
⑪Finally, click "Pay now" to confirm your order.


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