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A cafe break is essential during a ride, but when your beloved bike is also included, choosing a cafe becomes much more difficult.
You can park your bike safely and it's comfortable.
It's sure to be a special day with delicious food and drinks...

We would like to introduce you to some cyclist-friendly cafes recommended by our staff.

This time, we visited "TAKAO COFFEE" in Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo.

Our staff member (hereinafter referred to as "Staff"): May I ask you about the concept of your store?

Takao Coffee (hereinafter "Takao"): Located at the foot of Mount Takao, the coffee shop's concept is "together with the fields and mountains."
The parent company is a Western confectionery manufacturer called Basel, and we serve cakes and baked goods made in-house, as well as home-roasted coffee.
The founder of Basel trained in the Swiss city of Basel, and aims to be a store where you can easily try the authentic local sweets he learned there.

Staff: I see. There is a bike rack outside. Was the rack installed when this place first opened?

Takao: It was installed almost at the same time as the opening, and a friend of the owner gave it to us as a gift.

Staff: So you also ride a bicycle?

Takao: No, I don't ride my bike. The cafe is located in a place where a lot of people pass by on their bikes, so I thought it would be nice to have a bike rack.

Staff: It certainly would be easier for a cyclist to get in if racks were installed!

Takao: That's right. Many people come to the store to replenish their calories. The cakes we serve in front of the store are quite large, and many people eat them in one go and then go for a run.

Staff: Are there a lot of cyclists who eat cake before they go?

Takao: We also have a lot of cakes, but in the summer, our soft serve ice cream made with plenty of espresso is popular. You can get it at the takeout counter without having to come inside the shop, so you can eat it on the terrace outside.

Staff: That's great!

Staff: The baked goods sold in the store look delicious. They're all individually wrapped, so they're perfect for replenishing your supplies while cycling.

Takao: Many people buy one or two and put them in the pocket of their cycling jersey.

Staff: Are there any baked goods you would recommend?

Takao: I recommend a Swiss dessert called Gateau aux Nois. It was brought back by the previous owner when he went to Switzerland.
It is a sweet that consists of a lot of nuts mixed with caramel, honey, butter, etc., sandwiched between soft dough.
The origin of Gateau aux Nois is that it is a local confectionery that was created as a nutritious, preserved sweet to survive the long, cold winter.
Highly recommended for those who want to burn a lot of calories.

Staff: They're about the size of a bite-sized yokan so they're easy to carry around! Are there any other menu items you'd recommend?

Takao: I can't narrow it down to just one...

Staff: There are so many different kinds...

Takao: If I had to pick one, it would be the "Takao Brownie" which can only be bought at our store. This is also a popular snack.
Other pastries are available at the Basel store and online shop.
Takao Brownie is not sold in our store, so you can only buy it here.

Staff: It's a one-of-a-kind sweet! What kind of sweet is it?

Takao: It's a brownie made with rich chocolate cake and topped with plenty of crunchy nuts.
The sweet, moist chocolate and fragrant nuts go really well with coffee.

Staff: These are also individually wrapped, so they're great to take on a bike ride!

Takao: Thank you.

Staff: Finally, could you give us a message for cyclists?

Takao: The temperature will be rising soon, so please drop by to rehydrate and cool off. If you are a little hesitant to come inside, we can also provide take-out and terrace seating, so please feel free to drop by.

Staff: Thank you for your cooperation!

Why not relax with some home-roasted coffee, cakes, and baked goods at the foot of Mount Takao?

Shops visited
2400-1 Takaocho, Hachioji City, Tokyo

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