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Cyclist Welcome Shop - Assist Coffee Roastery

Cyclist welcome shop introduction

Cyclist Welcome Shop - Assist Coffee Roastery

A cafe break is essential while riding <br>If your favorite car is also included, the hurdles to choosing a shop will be much higher.
You can park your bicycle with peace of mind and above all, it is comfortable. <br>It's sure to be a special day with delicious food and drinks...

Introducing the Cyclist Welcome Cafe recommended by KAPELMUUR staff.

Assist coffee 01

"Assist Coffee Roastery", which specializes in home-roasted coffee, is located right between Kodenmacho Station, Iwamotocho Station, Kanda Station, Nihonbashi Station, Bakurocho Station, and Akihabara Station.
The location is easy to access by bicycle or train, but once you enter the back alleys, you will find a very calm townscape.

This shop, which is the first in the neighborhood to offer home-roasted coffee, is named after the first penguin, with the hope that more home-roasted coffee shops will follow suit and create a pleasant atmosphere in the city. It is the logo of the store.

Assist coffee 02

We also have cycle racks that will please cyclists.
If you think about how to hang it, you can hang 4-5 units.

Assist coffee 03

When you first enter the store, you'll see the owner's favorite car, the CAAD12, on display.

Assist coffee 04

The name ``Assist'' comes from the role of ``assist'' in road racing, which is the role of supporting an ace, and it seems to have the meaning of wishing for the happiness of the local community and wanting to be a support base.
The interior of the store is decorated with cycling jerseys and has a cozy and calm atmosphere.
There are counter seats and seats for two people, so you can stop by even by yourself.

Assist coffee 05

Home-roasted coffee beans are lined up in rows.
The interior of the store is filled with a pleasant aroma and is very comfortable, naturally relaxing your mind and body.

Assist coffee 06
Assist coffee 07

The owner, Mr. Higuchi, who is himself a cyclist, welcomed us.
Based on the concept of "revitalizing the community with bicycles and coffee," we support Iwamoto Town, where our store is located, and Hinohara Village, the only village in Tokyo that welcomes cyclists, and we use our store to help liven up the area.

Assist coffee 08

Assist Coffee Roastery offers a daily lunch menu of ``Brazilian cuisine'' using ingredients from ``Hinohara Village, Tokyo.''
In Brazil, a daily lunch is a standard, and the owner used to play soccer in Brazil, and from that experience he offers a daily lunch.
The lunch set, which includes a salad and a drink, is reasonably priced.

Assist coffee 09

What I received was "Spicy keema curry with lots of vegetables"
The tangy spices and sweetness of the vegetables were so exquisite that it was a complete meal.
It's also great that you can get a larger portion for an extra 100 yen.

assist coffee 10

By the way···
The curry comes with Hinohara-zuke homemade by the mothers of the Women's Association, which goes perfectly with the curry.
The salad uses a dressing made with yuzu from Hinohara Village, and you can feel the owner Higuchi's love for Hinohara Village in many places.

assist coffee 11

The owner, Mr. Higuchi, listens to your preferences about the coffee that comes with your lunch set, and you can enjoy freshly ground delicious coffee.

assist coffee 12

We requested less sourness.
I will have the Brazilian Café Dolce Chocolata.
The aromatic and delicious coffee will make your cheeks relax.

assist coffee 13

“We want to be a hub of people and information.”
“I want people to use me to connect with other people and things.”
"Assist Coffee Roastery" started from the idea of ​​Mr. Higuchi, the shop owner.

Please come and have a look.

assist coffee 14

Finally, you can purchase original goods, Hinohara village items, roasted beans, and more inside the store.

Shops visited <br>Assist Coffee Roastery <br>Sunside Iwamotocho Building 1F, 1-1-4 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

wear wear
■Short sleeve jersey glen check blue green
■Ladies UV cut long sleeve mesh undershirt crew neck black
■Ladies UV cut tights platinum pad
■Ladies nylon stretch shorts navy
■Short gloves with Velcro V2 Olive
■Light slim backpack 9L V2 black
■Short sleeve jersey glen check black
■Nylon work cap black
■Cropped pants with hem belt black
■Short gloves with Velcro V2 Navy

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