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The history of KAPELMUUR
KAPELMUUR was created in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2010 by Akira Nakata, the representative of Wave One Co., Ltd., a cycling wear manufacturer, who wanted to create clothing that would fit well in the business district. Highly fashionable and highly functional clothing that can be used on a daily basis. KAPELMUUR's goal is to create "clothes that can be worn every day (cycle wear)" that are in line with the active daily lives of cyclists.

The brand name "KAPELMUUR" refers to the traditional road race "Ronde van Vlaanderen" (French: Tour), which has been held in the Flanders region of Belgium since 1913 and is also known as the "King of Classics." This is the name of the steep cobblestone slope that is said to be the most difficult point in the movie "De Flandres".

It is one of the most prestigious one-day classic races, and even in Belgium, where road races are very popular, it is said to have many passionate fans.

Akira NAKATA(CEO of WAVEONE), who is also a fan of "Ronde van Vlaanderen" named the brand after "KAPELMUUR" which is the most memorable of all laces, because he wanted to grow the brand into a brand that will be loved for a long time like this lace. .

This passionate painting of players running up the "KAPELMUUR'' is also used as a mural in a directly managed store.

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The first KAPELMUUR garment made. At the time, the main item was not a print, but a simple design that took advantage of the texture of the fabric, with the brand mark lion embroidered on it.


Texture + functionality

Is it possible to make clothes with the texture of KAPELMUUR using the polyester material used in sportswear? After repeated trial and error, they were able to reproduce the texture of fabrics such as knit and denim with prints. We have created clothing that has a texture and is made from highly functional materials.


First directly managed store <KAPELMUUR Shibuya cocoti> opens in Shibuya cocoti


collared shirt jersey

A shirt jersey with a collar that has been updated from casual cycle wear to a silhouette that can be used everyday. The first one had three-quarter length sleeves, which is rare these days.


knit the fabric

By knitting the ``houndstooth'' fabric, which is also the design icon of the Capel Mule, ``Lynx Jacquard'' has been introduced, achieving a texture that cannot be reproduced with prints.


Pad attachment/detachment system

A ``pad attachment/removal system'' was born that focused on ``buttock pain'', which is a problem for cyclists. We have adopted it for casual pants so that you can wear it while pottering around or commuting.


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