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Short sleeve jersey melange print

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色: gray

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Melange pattern is a staple of Capel Mule.
The Belgian line is printed on the right sleeve, creating a jersey full of Capel Mule characteristics.
The distinctive collar uses a V-shaped cut pattern on the front (throat).
This gives the neck a neat look.
Another point is that it is not painful even if you lean forward.
100% polyester UPF50 (UV cut rate over 95%) is made of material with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties.

■Characteristics・UPF50 (UV cut rate 95% or more)
・Silicon anti-slip (hem)

■Actual product size (in cm)
Actual size of short sleeve product

Length 66 66 69 71 74 72 74
Width 43 46 49 52 55 58 61
Sleeve length 41 43 45 47 49 49 51
Actual product size: External size when the product is laid flat
*There may be slight errors. (The maximum error is about 1cm (2cm in circumference).)

Suitable size guide

Sizing Chart

See more details (materials, care methods, etc.)

100% polyester%

■Country of origin
Sri Lanka

■Care instructions
・Washing / Water temperature: 30℃ gentle water flow
・Cannot be bleached
・Do not tumble dry
・Hang dry in the shade
・Cannot be ironed
·Do not dry clean
・Wet cleaning weak operation possible

*List of laundry marks


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