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Cyclist Welcome Shop

Cyclist welcome shop introduction

Cyclist welcome shop

Taking breaks while riding is essential.
It would be convenient if there was a shop that cyclists could easily use to take a break after practice or on the way to their destination.
Of course, there are many opportunities to ride for lunch.

However, when it comes to your favorite car, the hurdles to choosing a shop become much higher.
The criteria for finding a restaurant include safe parking, delicious food and drinks, and a comfortable space.
Discovering your favorite store is sure to make your day special.
Here we introduce shops that welcome cyclists and are perfect for detours or destinations while riding.
Maybe you can find your favorite store.
Enjoying detours means enjoying life. It will enrich your life.
Enjoy your own ride while using our shop that welcomes cyclists.

Cyclist Welcome Shop MAP

Cafe & Restaurant

  • 1+2
  • Cafe5884
  • Gono Bakery Market
  • Fisheries Terrace, a tuna wholesaler
  • cafe The SUN LIVES HERE
  • Double Tall Coffee Bar Shibuya Cocoti Branch
  • assist coffee roastery

We have published shops that you can stop by when cycling in the Kanto region, so please use them as a reference for your riding destinations and detours.


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